Rome, italy

One can spend several weeks in Rome exploring its sights which included ancient Roman ruins, the art of the old masters, Vatican City, catacombs and the artful display of human remains.

Roman ruins exist all over europe but the ruins in Rome are the largest and most extensive.


I asked a fellow traveler “of all the sights of Rome, which was your most memorable?”. “Oh, I can’t choose one” she replied. “But, surely there is one that stands out from all the others” I pressed.  Almost embarrassed she stated “the Capuchin Cemetery”.

The Capuchin Cemetery in the church of the immaculate Conception could easily be missed by any tourist in Rome.  It is not listed as a major sight, it is somewhat macabre; so not to everyones taste. Still, it has its attraction. I actually think I remember seeing, in my youth, a 60 minute documentary on the cemetery. I enjoyed visiting it too.

To the left are links to a few of  Rome’s sights of interest to the traveler.  I will try to add more  Rome Sights as time allows. Right now I am just trying to get some basic content in place.

Most likely you have heard or read at one time that in Rome no building can be higher

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