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Where should I go in  Italy?

Top three destinations - Rome, Florence and Venice.

Ok, you have your guide book (don’t you?), you have browsed the internet. You have started, maybe just in your mind, a list of things you really would like to see.

It is all about your interest.

17 years ago I would often, receive e-mail from people requesting my help in planning their trip to Spain. While I helped as best I could, when it comes to selecting places to visit you really need to ask yourself why are you visiting this place.  In our case we visited Italy primarily because of my wife’s art interest.  She wanted to view art work done by all the “turtles”, i.e. Raphael, Leonardo, Michelangelo and Donatello. She also has a general interest in the history of Italy and the Roman empire.  While I share my wife’s interest in art, my focused was more on ancient Room and visiting the canals of Venice. The content on this website reflects these interest.  Your interest on the other hand may be in areas of experience italian cuisine, exploring Milan’s fashion industry, having a Tuscan beach vacation or exploring the fauna and flora of the Dolomites.

The brief city guides on this website will give you some idea of what the experience is like in each of the cities we visited, but I strongly advise buying a good book guide.  In terms of selecting sights to see, I am visually oriented so, I am partial to the Eyewitness Travel Guides. Another tool I have used when planning my trips is to look at what the tour groups have put together in an itinerary. Looking over the itinerary of the tour company shows me what sights the tour company believes are significant enough to attract customers.

Once you have a list of your “must sees” and “must does” for italy, you can then start working on your itinerary.

What should I do in Italy?

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